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Duke Morrison
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"Great gym with great instructors!"

Jordyn Morris
via Google

"World class instructor, highly recommend."

Under Pressure TV
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"The best submission grappling taught by the OG Florida Guy."

Ross Kellin
via Google

"Outstanding competitor and Coach. Great place to train."

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"Kevin Gallager has been attending our martial arts events for years and years, and you will never find a better person or instructor. Thanks for having us over, we had a blast!"

Brian Adamo
via Google

"Amazing experience and life changing endeavor. I will be a customer forever. Thank you coach Kevin!"

Tony Francisco
via Google

"You could not have a quality of instructors and curriculum. I highly recommend!"

chandler pope
via Google

"Great teacher and fun class. Would definitely come back!"

Escape Quest
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"Wow I had no idea how effective and practical jiu-jitsu could actually be for self defense, not to mention it's a blast! I found the last workout/sport/exercise I think I'll ever need!"

Joshua Schrems
via Google

"If you're just starting jiu jitsu or just looking for a new place to train look no further. Coach Kevin, the curriculum & quality of instruction here is world class. If you've been thinking of learning Jiu Jitsu and are lucky enough to have a gym like this to train at, get on it!"

Alex Venakides
via Google

"I’ve been doing Jiu Jitsu for almost fifteen years and I’ve trained at six different academies with multiple instructors. There is no one I can think of more fondly than Kevin. He’s a great teacher, great with kids, and genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m so glad he has started his own academy as he has years and years of experience in jiu jitsu as well as wrestling and boxing. I would be training with him right now but unfortunately life has resigned me to North Carolina. Anyway, train with Kevin, you’ll get good!"

Sebastian Niegowski
via Google

"Kevin is widely recognized jiu-jitsu coach and competitor, multiple times world champion and I'm sure you can ask about him anywhere in the country and people will know him.
Being a great competitor is one thing but teaching is another.
I had a chance to train with Kevin and after 5 minutes realized he loves the sport and is super passionate about teaching. If you live in the area, consider yourself lucky because you have a chance to train with not only one of the best BJJ competitors in the country but also a great coach and someone who truly loves jiu-jitsu."

Gracie Palm Harbor
via Google

"World class training from a multiple time jiu jitsu world champion. Five stars is an understatement!"

Kevin Barney
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"My first experience with BJJ and its teachings and it did not disappoint. Coach Kevin was able to break it down so a new recruit could perform each task. If you want to build your cardio BJJ will do it for you."

Matthew R Mulcahy
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"I’ve been training a long time and Coach Kevin is absolutely one of my favorite people, as an instructor and as a person. There aren’t many people that stack up to this guy. If you are on the fence about joining, take it from me — GO HERE!!"

Brandon W
via Google

"I've known coach Kevin for nearly 20 years, and have seen him master his art. He is a patient teacher and his ability to break down moves into steps made learning the basics really easy for me.
He is dedicated to Jiu Jitsu and fosters a brotherhood for all students no matter their level."

Sonny Parlin
via Google

"Kevin is an amazing coach and ambassador for the art of jiu jitsu. I highly recommend coach Kevin to anyone looking to improve their fight skills."

Michael Schmidt
via Google

"Coach Kevin was phenomenal! His class structure and technique was great. Super excited to continue my BJJ journey at Gracie Trinity!"

daniel neuvelt
via Google

"Amazing instruction! Kevin Gallager is the most humble world champion you could ever hope to know. Love this place!"

John Dewolfe
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"If you’re looking to learn Jiu Jitsu this is the place to be. Coach Kevin gives the best instruction and takes care of all the students. Great place for beginners to come and learn Jiu Jitsu for the first time!"

Troy Ragano
via Google

"Highly recommend. Kevin’s vast knowledge in all aspects of martial arts translates into his teaching. If you’re in the area definitely check it out."

Ryan Hontz
via Google

"Not your average training environment. This is a world class Black Belt that has been teaching for many years and is widely respected as one of the best competitors and teachers around. His atmosphere is both inviting and enthusiastic. This is the perfect place to begin your journey, grow your skills, or to prepare for a championship run."

Ryan Floyd
via Google

"Coach K is a not only a an excellent teacher in the practical arts of ju-jitsu but also in history and science behind the field. Given his diverse background and work experience, as well as his breadth of knowledge in so many different fields, allows him to easily relate to others and explain the complex techniques to his students. Highly recommend coach K for anyone interested in the art/field of Bjj!!!!"

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"This BJJ gym has the best atmosphere to train in and a plus, it's kid friendly! My daughter loves coming to classes at Gracie Trinity Coach Kevin is her favorite! We both look forward to each class!"

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"Words can't describe how happy my 6 & 8 year old daughters are with their kids Jiu Jitsu classes at Gracie Trinity. Coach Kevin & Coach Matt are excellent teachers. They are patient, gentle, and full of experience. We are lucky to have them in our community. I've since joined the adult classes and love every second. Don't hesitate to sign up. New or experienced, you will be right at home."

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"Great coach with great instruction. The most important thing in the gym is making sure that you are around all the right people. I cannot recommend enough Kevin as an instructor. Very family friendly"

Monika Jean-Philippe
via Google

"Absolutely LOVE this place. Couldn't have asked for a better place for my child to burn off all the energy she has. The staff is great can't wait to see what this place has in store for their future. Very pleased with how they teach and their communication with the parents and students."

Scott Richter - 5 stars
via Google

"I sought Kevin out based on a recommendation. BEST thing I ever did!!! I have a wrestling background but also have 5 spinal fusions under my belt with all the metal to prove it. I didn’t believe it was the best idea to jump right into classes so I started private lessons with Kevin. I’m 51 years old, and I have working with Kevin for about two years now. I am already further than I thought I could ever be. The terms that come to mind when I think about Kevin are honesty, loyalty, accountability, and respect. Throughout my training I constantly wanted to jump in and just go to the grappling, coach Kevin told me hang back a little bit wait until it’s your time. He was absolutely right and he knew where I was in training better than I did. All I can say is that Coach Kevin Will take you where you need to be when you need to be there and give you tools to be successful while you’re there. No beating around the bush just pure honesty and friendship. I consider Kevin to be a true friend fist and a coach second."

Maria Zamora
via Google

"There aren't enough accolades in my lexicon to properly describe how awesome this place is. Uncle Kevin isn't merely a 3-times Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, he is an incredible instructor and coach. He is great at explaining fundamentals and basic concepts to individuals with no experience and a master at perfecting the game of those who have been training for years. The ladies who train at Trinity are incredibly welcoming and eager to learn. I highly recommend you stop by and check out one of the amazing classes they offer."

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